Plenary Speakers

We proudly announce invited keynote speakers:

deaconTerrence Deacon
University of California, Berkeley, Anthropology
Lecture: The semiotic basis of universal grammar >>


jablonkaEva Jablonka
Tel Aviv University, Evolution
Lecture: Language, imagination, and the evolution of autobiographical memory  >>

kirbySimon Kirby
University of Edinburgh, Language evolution
Lecture: The Evolution of Linguistic Structure: where learning, culture and biology meet   >>

mcconachieBruce McConachie
University of Pittsburgh, Theatre arts
Lecture: Improvising Communication in Pleistocene Performances  >>

pascualEsther Pascual
Zhejiang University, Cognitive Linguistics
Lecture: The conversational nature of language: From cognition and grammar to expert communication and language pathology >>

stjernfeltFrederik Stjernfelt
Aalborg University, Semiotics
Lecture: Propositions and cognition >>